Day 10 – Pushing is harder than Pedaling

Yes this post is late, had no phone or internet on Wednesday. I should not have had that shredded beef chimichanga the night before. Didn’t feel quite right and didn’t drink enough. Maybe that and the altitude started to do me in.

The day started good enough with moderate grades through very quiet roads. There’s a lone horse out there


The last 6 miles to the pass at 6300 ft were difficult for me, I even decided to push for maybe a half mile. That took my breath away and made me light headed. I pedaled on very slowly, here’s a look down the mountain. My last picture of AZ.



After the peak, I entered two national forests, the last being the Gila – lots of trees. The solar charger could not get enough sun to charge the GPS for a few miles. I entered NM at exactly 3/4 pm (mountain standard to mountain daylight savings time zone change).

The last 14 miles to Buckhorn were a nice gentle downhill, didn’t need to use the brakes. Got to camp after over 10 hours. Still enough light to set up camp and cook freeze dried beef stew. I was the only camper there, someone started playing the guitar and doing Alan Jackson songs – pretty good but too tired to get up. I was glad I brought some warm clothes as it got to the 30s.