Day 15 – Racing the Wind

Don’t forget about the day 14 post as this one become prominent.

The wind warnings still said noon so I got an early start about an hour before sunrise. Used the lights of course. Only encountered a dozen cars before sunrise. I also decided to use more of the freeway as it cut a few miles off the route. Texas also has their share of tire debris on the shoulder.

The route used a lot of the freeway or frontage roads. The smooth freeway pavement is nice, debris not – the frontage road is rough but clean and no cars.

Scenery changed to barren brown hills, probably good for sudden dust storms. I did not notice any wind issues until the last 30 minutes. By then I was going downhill into Van Horn on the freeway and the side gusts made it entertaining to keep the velomobile on the shoulder.

I’m in the central time zone!

The wind advisory is now extended to Tuesday morning. I have been riding for 8 straight days so I will take Tuesday off ( legs need some rest ). I’ll see if I can find a metric screw for my shoe cleat at the hardware store – if not there’s a bike shop in Alpine and I should be there Wednesday. I’ll also take this time to do some bike maintenance and track down some noises.

I will post a new route st13a that will take me to Alpine.

The couple from last night has also chosen this hotel from the 4 or so in town.

1/3 done yay!