Day 16 – I’ll never be this high again!

That would be the altitude of 5120 ft. Yup it’s all down hill from here, well lot’s of up, then down, then up, etc. Tomorrow’s ride drops below 3000 ft for the final time.

Today’s ride was more challenging than expected. I don’t know if it was coming off a rest day, or a 100+ mile ride, the coldest temps since I started or the 35 miles of rough Texas chip seal – probably all of the above. I rode with a long sleeve shirt and the partial cover for extra cold and wind protection.

Not much to see, a few horses here and there, secret USAF stealth bomber (or was it a teathered aerostat radar system)

I was most impressed by the waffle maker this morning, what state am I in?

A few problems today, one of the shamwows worked its way into the chain – had to cut out the greasy spots. ( I use the sham wow to catch the perspiration dripping from the elbows )  I have been pedaling without one of the 4 screws that hold the cleat to the right shoe. Found a real hardware store in Alpine TX and now have 2 spares. Lastly, one of the 100 oz camel backs ripped near the hose, will need to use Gatorade bottles for water now.

At the hardware store in Alpine I met another cyclist couple who started a day before me on their cross country tour. They rode in the dust and wind yesterday. At least one of them seems much younger than me. They were still going to ride 26 more miles today and camp. They figured we may see each other again.