Day 21 – spot takes a break

Before I explain the gap in the tracking data…

Great big thanks to Steve and Suzanne for hosting me about 7 miles east of Wimberley. I felt like royalty as they cooked an excellent meal and made a wonderful drink for me. If you’re in the San Antonio area look up Steve’s sanantoniobiketours. I bet if you’re nice he’ll show you a velomobile or 2. Steve also has a Quest velomobile similar to mine, but not quite as beat up (honey how about a carbon Quest when I get home?)

While the ride did include 3500 ft of climbing and 95 miles of hot and humid, it did not seem to bad as the climbs were not that long – a lot of up and down but sometimes the downhills were long enough to go all the way up the next hill.

After I had ridden 40 miles and was taking a stretching break on the top of a hill, I noticed there were no lights on spot (the tracking device). Since the device and the lithium batteries were 2 years old I expected this to happen sooner. After installing a new set of batteries, it should be good for the remainder of the trip. I still have another set just of batteries just in case. To clarify, I did not get a lift, spot was just tired.

There is a storm front and some wind moving in to the area. The predicted severity may be overrated but I’ll be doing a short day tomorrow and maybe Thursday as well. I don’t mind the rain, but thunder and my reduced visibility to other drivers is what I want to avoid.