Day 32 – Humid ride

I know, it’s Florida what should I expect.

I entered Florida at 8:08, which means I spent less than a day riding in Alabama including the ferry ride and the overnight stay. The ride started out foggy then within a mile I got wet – with a sprinkler that over rotated to the street. Aside from being soaked with sweat by the time I rode 10 miles, that was it – none of the predicted rain set up. The chance of rain exists through the rest of this adventure.

I caught up with the sisters I met yesterday at the state line where I took this picture. Oops it happened again, apparently if I turn off my phone too soon after taking a picture, it never gets written to the file system. Well this is the picture that I borrowed from their blog that I took.

I met another group of 5 southern tier riders that started March 7. We talked a bit and they were surprised I fit all that gear in the velomobile. They were mainly camping through the entire trip. One of the group joined in Austin, TX.

Surprising amount of climbing today of 1800 ft, Pensacola has a few bluffs on US 90. The area where I am tonight is at 200 ft.

I need to pray to be a little more tolerant of the curious. I wish they would just take a picture and not box me in a narrow bike line as they pace me. Stopping to the right of that bike lane ahead of me and then opening the car door to extend across that lane as I am traveling down hill with traffic on my left is also not quite right.

Working on some route changes to turn the next 5 days into 4. It just might be possible.

I can tell I am in the south, east of the Mississippi