Day 33 – Why is my right leg getting wet?

The rain  was off and on all day, the first batch occurred at 8:30 and only lasted about 20 minutes. What was strange is that my right leg was getting wet. When I looked at the front crank I saw water coming out of the chain tube as I pedaled. I think water had gotten into the chain trough under the seat either from a gap in the cover or somehow from the rear wheel. Pedaling emptied the water vie the chain. It only happened during that first shower and not the longer subsequent rain.

Just prior to the rain, I caught up with the ACA southern tier group of 12 that left San Diego on March 11. There had been 13 but they lost a rider due to some incident in a tunnel outside of Phoenix ( broken wrist). I remember that tunnel as being a pedal for your life going uphill with my hazard flashers on hoping the cars would use the second of 2 lanes to pass me. They were only going as far as Marianna FL, which is also where I stopped due to thunder and increased severity of storms ahead of me.

Another change of plans. Instead of the scenic route to St. Augustine, I will be taking a straight shot to Jacksonville on US 90. I might reach the 3rd coast Wednesday afternoon. The first coast was the Pacific, the second coast was the Gulf coast that I left on Sunday.

Another fine establishment tonight ( better than camping in the wet), with a surprise in the fridge

Those are Michelob Ultras, one of them I think helped in the replanning. The thing on the top is my camelback with leftover Gatorade.