Computer Repairs

As we use our computers, we tend to add software that slowly degrades performance. A computer tuneup will optimize the programs that start automatically and ensure you are running the latest updated software like Adobe and Java.

Here are some typical fees that I charge. I keep my costs low as I am retired from GE Healthcare with decades of experience in computing and by biking to your location in my Velomobile. I’m always open to negotiation on my fees and my goal is to resolve your issues.

Virus removal : $40 – $50

Software reload with saving and restoring user files : $50

Computer performance tuneup: $25

Transferring files and settings to new computer: $25

Network changes or security setup $15

Here’s what the inside of a laptop or desktop can look like after a few years. The accumulation of dirt and dust can cause your computer to run slower and shorten it’s life due to heat build up.