The Strada velomobile seen in the header image is my 4th velomobile and is ridden year round providing the snow is off the roads. It is also the velomobile I am using on my Lake Michigan tour.

The yellow Quest velomobile was the one I rode from coast to coast in 2013.

This design originated in the Netherlands and has been around for more than 10 years. The design has been licensed by a company in Toronto call Bluevelo which has been manufacturing these vehicles since early 2009. This is considered a uni-body construction where the carbon fiber body is the frame and the bicycle pieces are bolted and bonded to it.

There are 2 20″ (406) wheels in the front that have a McPherson style strut suspension and steer the velomobile with a tiller. The only brakes are drum brakes and are also on the front wheels.The rear drive wheel is a 26″ (559) also has suspension and has a 9 speed cluster which in combination with the triple front chain-ring provides hill climbing ability and pedaling speeds to 40 or so mph.

Here’s a view from inside my 2nd velomobile on a winter ride.

Here’s some garmin statistics on a recent ride to the city of Waukesha.