FAW? FWD project velomobile

Wisconsin roads could use a good front wheel drive velomobile – at least that’s what I think. So I acquired a used velomobile of the FAW variety that looked promising from the outside but as I stripped it down, I’m starting to wonder …

Let’s start with the home made disk brakes, with only one good eye that couldn’t focus up close¬†after cataract surgery I missed this completely and relied on the seller’s assurance that the front brakes were drum brakes (I and the seller did not have the right tools to readily remove the wheels) – but I tried.

home made disc brake

They work by pulling one side against a steel disk – they do not squeeze (or probably stop)

The there’s the strut – probably homemade as well with a VERY stiff spring on the inside. I expected to replace some of the balljoints, but they are all beyond hope.

home made shock

Some minor structural damage that may indicate bigger problems in the seating area.

body crack


And then the biggest issue with the left front shock tower. The first picture shows the underside where the original aluminum tore, the second picture shows the top side damage that indicates the problem was not fixed with reinforcement. The top front will need to be removed to  access the shock towers and fix them properly.

bottom left shock damagetop left shock mount damage

And then there’s the missing bottom aluminum that protects the chain from the elements and provides an aerodynamic advantage.

missing bottom plate

This is a much bigger project than anticipated.