Day 14 – Oh No Connectivity!

The ride was relatively short as the weather folks were saying gusts to 60 starting around 3. I decided that 130 miles could not be done before then so I chose Fort Hancock as a destination and possible rest day. Only one place to stay, so I stayed at the best place in town! ( actually the worst place so far, would not go in the shower )

I stopped here for the photo op, pretty desolate former manufacturing area.


The detour to Rosa’s also had me riding a few yards from the El Paso wall with Mexico. You could say I was within spitting distance ( although I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed on federal property )

I met an older couple ( OK maybe just a few years older than me ), cycling to the same destination. They caught up with me, passed and then slowed down so I caught up and we talked a little. They are doing a segment of this route from El Paso to Austin ) and are from Seattle. The wind seemed to become a little steadier between a head wind and cross wind and I said I’d ride on ahead. The wind acted a little like a sail and soon I could no longer see them behind me. They arrived after I finished checking in with their sag wagon driver. Must be nice to not carry all your stuff with you.

This couple also told me about a route modification that takes me from Van Horn to Alpine without the extreme hill climbing. Also told me about the best restaurant in town ( only one in town ). But it was good, so eat at Angie’s when you’re in Fort Hancock – don’t forget to order the homemade pie! I had apple, but cherry and pecan are also available.

The last of the pecan groves could be seen about 30 miles from El Paso. A few horse farms and then pretty much nothing.

Back to the weather, so the prognosticators changed the wind warning to start at noon Monday – thank goodness a chance for a rest day closer to civilization.