Day 17 – 55 miles of nothing

Or should I say 35 miles of nothing followed by Marathon, TX, followed by 55 miles of nothing and then Sanderson. ‘Nothing’ means no stores and no gas stations that are still open. Kind of sad to see all those towns and buildings abandoned.

And then there was the wind that started in the afternoon. The winds make the downhills worse as the wind gusts tend to push the velomobile around.

Sanderson was also full of businesses that had closed. I finally found a grocery that was in a converted house 6 blocks off the main drag after asking around.

Sanderson is the official cactus capital of the world. They also shut down 10 miles of highway 90 in late April for a road race. Http://

I met a cyclist going from NC to CA. I wished him good luck on the hills to come.