Day 18 – Hills and Headwinds

So while it looked mainly downhill on the route st15, the reality is that there was 3000 ft of climbing according to the garmin. Really not a bad ride until the winds kicked in after noon.

A little less than 10 hours of riding to cover 118 miles. It was the headwinds.

Although they seemed to affect me less than the Father-Daughter riding couple that I first met in Alpine. I caught up with them after I had done 80 miles and they had done 40 as they started later due to the chilly morning temps that started in the 40s but rose to near 90 in the afternoon. They were struggling with the winds and only averaging about 7mph. We talked some more as we rode up a hill at 4mph and then I rode ahead.

There is also a unicyclist that is riding across the country. I saw his support van and talked a little with the van driver but did not see him yet.

I was interviewed by an Australian driving a car around the world in 300 days. His name is Brendan Edgerton, no website on his business card and his Facebook doesn’t mention his adventure.

The next few days will be interesting to see if these routes are tougher than they appear as today’s ride was.

Today was another laundry day, don’t want those border patrol dogs to go crazy if they sniff around the velomobile again.