Day 19 – Greenery, Trees, River

A nice change from the previous days and days. The landscape became more gradual and rolling. The closer I got to Camp Wood, the more I saw trees around houses and greenish lawns.

Almost like home except I don’t get to wish my understanding wife a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! In person.

Feeling not well rested after yesterday’s marathon ride in the heat and wind. Stopped at 80 miles to rest for tomorrow’s occasional 8-10% grades. Then maybe the hard parts are almost over? I seem to be thinking those thoughts too often only to be proved wrong. Tomorrow’s route is around the 3 sisters or twisted sisters of the Texas hill country – search for it and try and figure out why the route goes here and let me know 🙂

Tomorrow I finish the rest of st16 and do about 60 miles of st17 depending on how things go.

Pleasant weather today, upper 70s and overcast with a tolerable wind.

I did manage to patch the camelbak with the kit that came with my inflatable pillow. So far it’s holding.