Day 22 – This could be WI

Rolling land, freshly planted corn, oil wells slowly pumping crude – well except for the pumps it could be WI in June.

Only 1000 ft of climbing in 60 miles, lightly traveled roads except for the first 11 miles until I reached Kyle. I had been warned about the traffic both by my hosts and an addendum to the southern tier maps. I decided to leave a little later to give the traffic a chance to clear and that improved the ride compared to yesterday’s ride on the first stretch of this road.

Kyle, still my favorite son-in-law:

I saw more horse farms today along with cattle. Haven’t seen other cyclists for a while now. The roads no longer have signs warning of flooding every mile, however I did see this new verbiage:

I might actually be out of Texas this weekend. Of the 7 maps to get me across the country, I should finish the 4th one on Friday. The remaining 3 maps have no elevation profiles! (Because they feel the elevation is pretty much irrelevant)