Day 23 – Wet & Wild

I knew a front was moving in and my plans were to change the route and ride st20a to Navasota. The morning weather prognosticators said the storm was falling apart and only light scattered showers were expected. I left at 8 expecting the upper 60s and humidity to last all day.

So far so good, 6 miles in light rain and the Walmart camping foam removable top was keeping things dry and warm – a good improvement from last August’s ride to Oshkosh. Then I lost a lane to construction – no problem as I could ride in the closed off lane by myself.

Then the front blew in, temps dropped 20 degrees to 50 with strong cross winds that drove the rain into my t shirt soaking it in no time. Brrrrrr. No problem as I put on the rain jacket that the chain damaged a few weeks ago.

Then the law stopped me. As soon as he knew I was human powered and that was the reason for my speed or lack thereof – he wanted to leave to get out of the rain. Usually we talk for a while. He did express concerns for my safety after the construction ended and the shoulder disappeared. I’ve been stopped twice now on this journey for lack of speed – I guess we do slow down as we get older. It was only a year ago that Waukesha stopped me for being too fast – ahh the good old days.

Leaving highway 21 for 290, the cross wind was more of a tail wind but no shoulder with 2 lanes in each direction. It was a constant rear view vigil to make sure cars and trucks were moving over so I did not become buzzard fodder. I noticed the big rigs were throwing up so much water, that I was becoming less visible. I see a McDonalds sign in Giddings and decide to wait there for a while.

The wind was so bad it took several minutes to orient the velomobile so nothing would blow off or get too wet. When I got up to get my order I felt as if I suffered from incontinence observing the huge puddle I left behind. The rain picked up and the radar showed about 2 more hours of green.

I did not have a burning bush encounter, but felt that perhaps God was telling me to stop and ride safely tomorrow instead of risking 24 more miles on 290. My prayers for a safe journey today had been granted. So my shortest ride of 30 miles as I warm up and dry off in Giddings, TX.

I am close to a well reviewed BBQ place, so that’s where I ate. The reviews were correct.

I did see a drive through concept that I had not observed before. When you need that drink, why must you stop the car, turn it off and walk inside?