Day 24 – Texas Chili

I mean chilly. The temperature stayed around 50 for most of the morning ( I have a temperature display on my bike computer ). I know what you’re saying, ‘we have snow coming down, stop your whining’. You’re right but I was getting used to the 90s, at least I wasn’t wet with sweat or rain. Some gusty wind remained from yesterday’s storm, but overall a nice day.

This is what a typical east TX front yard looks like and I’m seeing a lot more homes and farms now

These 3 came from the house area to see if I was edible.

The terrain was more rolling with elevations between 200 and 400 ft.

I would be tent camping except it’s supposed to get near freezing and I am spoiled. I’m at a unique place near Richards called ‘the Checkpoint’. The owners are a husband and wife who came from Germany. This is a working farm/ranch with campsites and cabins catering to motorcyclists and cyclists.

I’m in a cabin that has a room on either end and a common kitchen in the middle with a big porch. Did I mention they have wireless too?

There’s also a pool with some unique rules, since I’m the only guest tonight that last one won’t be used.

The wife mentioned that the big guided adventure cycling group came through 2 weeks ago – doesn’t look like I’ll catch them.