Day 26 – Adios Lone Star

15 days in Texas, it is a big state! The first day I was in Texas a person told me that Texas was a country in itself. I thought he was just talking about size, but I think that many Texans remember that Texas was an independent republic before being annexed by the US. I rarely see the state flag of my home state being displayed with the US flag. In Texas I saw the Texas state flag almost as much as the US flag. Often they are displayed with equal prominence in size and height. I believe the Texas state flag is the same as the third flag of the republic of Texas. I should have paid more attention in history class.

Nice weather today, starting in the 50s to upper 70s and light wind.

I almost made it to LA by noon, but met 2 cyclists going the other way. John and Joann from Maryland are on a mainly East to West trip at least until AZ when they head North. They started today from DeRidder which is where I planned to go and where I am now. They told me of some issues where I planned to stay, so I chose an alternate place to sleep. I told them about the cabin in Richards should they have that as one of there destinations.

Oh and when I say LA, I’m just to lazy to spell out

I was still chased by a few dogs, but they just didn’t compare to yesterday. These dogs stopped way too soon and I never heard the sound of dog nails on pavement.

My rear shock has been acting up a bit ever since it got below freezing so I’m keeping an eye on it. I have moved my packing around to put less pressure around the rear wheel and things seemed quieter today.

I may need to give my knees a rest by Wednesday, we’ll see if they recover on their own.