Day 27 – Crowds & Questions

Seems like a lot more pictures were taken by passing motorists, when they finally decided to pass. Whenever I stopped for food, more folks than usual gathered and made it hard to gracefully leave. I guess LA is full of inquiring minds. Good for them, just wish they didn’t always ask how much those things cost. One young twenty something lady ( we’ll call her ‘tattoo’ ) wanted to sit inside and have her picture taken. I said fine just remember that an old guy has been sitting in there for 7 or 8 hours a day for the last 4 weeks sweating profusely on that seat. ‘Tattoo’ changed her mind.

Stopped again, this time the officer said he had complaints that people had to pass me. Because this section of road had a shoulder that was usually full of logging debris or grass or was broken up, I rode on the side of the road. I did move to the shoulder if a car approached from the rear and either an oncoming car or a yellow line prevented the car from passing. No angry honks. The officer observed my behavior before stopping me and agreed the shoulder was crappy and said I should continue to be careful.

Finally got on a less traveled road and observed crawfish farming. I didn’t know what those little floaty things were all in a row, until I saw the guy in the boat picking them up and seeing they were traps. They re-flood rice fields after harvest to farm crawfish.

Another bountiful day of dogs, none very persistent. I did try to give one dog a run for his money, he tried to keep up until he tripped over his own feet and ended up in the tall grass. Then there was the little dachshund, I wanted to slow up to help his self esteem. I guess I am easily amused.

The knees feel better. Yay!

I reached a milestone, over 2000 miles done, less than 925 to go. That’s 2/3 complete, only 3 digits need to be used to describe remaining miles. Tomorrow I cross the Mississippi.