Day 28 – Mississippi Crossing

The route map cautioned cyclists to not use LA hwy 1 until they needed to due to traffic and shoulders. The route had me going a little longer on lighter used roads. The roads were lightly used because they were not in the greatest shape. I would rather climb a 4% grade than dodge potholes and bounce around wondering if I was abusing the velomobile. So slow going today riding just on the other side of the levee which is posted as no trespassing. ( the Mississippi river was on the other side and I could not see it )

Then there was LA hwy 1, about 5 miles had a very narrow 3 ft shoulder with debris and that’s the only place I could ride. A steep drop off to the right and fast traffic to the left that I needed to constantly monitor. Oh well, it can only get better.

The Audubon bridge that I crossed the Mississippi river on was only completed 2 years ago and has the 2nd longest cable-stayed span in the western hemisphere. Very nice!

More dogs, only one got close and made eye contact – horn worked again.

I stopped for bananas at a grocery store and got the same question after what is it – how much did it cost followed by aren’t you afraid someone’s gonna steal it. Only in LA is the focus so much on $, makes me wonder why they focus on that. Am I paranoid? No, I think I need to answer the $ question with how much will you give me?

Wednesday will be a rest and maintenance day. I need to sleep in, do laundry, rotate ┬áthe front tires to even out the camber angle wear, and hopefully replace the rear shock if the overnight shipment works as promised. I don’t feel I have any shock damping since it froze in Richards, TX. I have a concern that the air part of the shock may fail next which would leave me stranded with potential wheel damage.