Day 30 – 5 states down, 3 to go

Louisiana took less time than Texas ( thank goodness ), tomorrow I leave Mississippi and enter Alabama, Sunday I enter the last state of this journey, Florida. I also get to take a 45 minute ferry ride tomorrow – I’m excited.

Another nice day, a little less climbing at 1800 ft. I did encounter more dogs again, the big one seemed confused as he kept pace with me going uphill trying to figure out what to bite. While the route passed many homes it seemed to avoid towns leaving me feel a bit isolated.

I’m staying at an interesting place that let’s cyclists camp on an elevated roofed octagon platform. Here’s the view from 10 feet up.

If you look closely ( click/tap the picture to enlarge ), you can see the camping cot beneath the yellow thermarest mattress.

Rumor has it an adventure cycling group was at this campsite 2 days ago and Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers were here 9 days ago. Maybe I’ll see more cyclists yet.