Day 31 – The Velomobile can Float!

As long as it’s on a ferry.

I got up at 5 to break camp and be on the road around 6:30. I wanted to make sure I made the 12:30 ferry not knowing if lines backed up on a weekend as they were only running one ferry. I made a call at the point in the route that would have allowed me to take the longer land route and today’s message said it was running.

With 3 miles to go in 3 minutes, it was clear I would not make the 11:00 ferry but I was 3rd in line for the 12:30. Even though I asked around, it turns out I did not have to be in line at all since I was a cyclist – no signage to that effect.

I did get to talk to lots of folks and eat and use the restroom etc until the ferry arrived. It was a nice rest break. They put the walkers and bicycles on last.

I left Mississippi at 8:18 am today and will leave Alabama tomorrow maybe before I get wet. Seems to be very likely that I will get wet tomorrow.

After leaving the dock, I met two sisters going coast to coast on the southern tier. Diane and Carol (I may not have the 2nd name correct) from Nebraska and Nevada have been riding since February 27. They have seen several groups including the ACA and Bubba’s group. They have camped less than I have and we both shared thoughts of why not ship that stuff home – but none of us have.