Day 35 – Atlantic Ocean


Yes, the adventure is over, about 2800 miles. Thanks for all your prayers and supportive texts and phone calls. Thanks be to God for allowing my body to heal and granting me strength to ride.

Thanks to my hosts Mike and Peggy for putting me up at the ‘Quest hostel’ – Luc knows what I’m talking about – and for a wonderful meal.

Today’s ride was overcast and barely got into the low 70s. Winds ( headwinds of course ) picked up in the afternoon but didn’t seem too bad. The winds at the beach were the strongest I felt since Texas.

This was a tough ride from a mental aspect, the miles seemed to add up ever so slowly. Maybe it was the conflict between wanting to finish and get back home and recalling all the ride segments leading up to this which would be the last segment.

US 90 showed its gentler side and provided no challenge other than trying to figure out what town I was currently in ( no map today ). I did see 3 correctional institutions along the road today – perhaps 1 in each county. City traffic was challenging as it is in any big city during high traffic periods.

Navigating through the city was aided by a phone call to Mike last night, the map app on my phone,  and Mike’s phone call near the end of the ride and personally leading me to the beach in his velomobile.

I’m not one who is superstitious, but I intentionally have not talked about flat tires in my posts. I think the more you talk about them, the more they occur. The final tally of flat tires on this trip was: 0.  The Schwalbe marathon plus may be a heavy tire, but it performed well in conjunction with doing my best to avoid debris.