Front wheel setup

There are 2 main components, one is a strut that allows suspension and a means to drive the wheel, the other is the differential itself that drives the wheels. Since the wheel is moving up and down as well as turning, its position relative to the differential has to remain connected even though the distance to the differential changes. The samagaga ujoint assembly has a hex shaft that slides into the corresponding sleeve attached to the differential.

The differential holders are currently in ABS and wrapped by an aluminum strap. An aluminum part is in the works.

Here’s some views of the front strut assembly that has a disc brake tab and allows for the front wheel to be driven,

The wheel slides on and locks the brake disc in place. The wheel has 3 bolt heads that slide into corresponding holes in the axle and disc brake.

The differential holder and the strut were first done in ABS. The final strut was done in aluminum by a local machine shop. Here’s the parts in a 3D view.