July 3, Manistee, MI to Brookfield, WI

3 miles biking to the Uhaul place in Manistee, 10 miles from the Uhaul place in Muskegon to the Lake Express ferry and another 17 miles to get home.

The Lake Express was an hour late due to engine issues.

Only 3 of 4 engines working so the trip takes longer – I can’t tell how many engines are running though.

Nice accommodations even for the non premier seating – although I was able to nap in the quieter premier section.

And graphics for everyone to watch the progress as all you can see is water.

Milwaukee’s skyline in the distance.

I made it home by 9:30pm which was well after sunset. The auxiliary lighting and LED strip kept me visible.

After 2 weeks, the velomobile was back to like new operation. New bottom bracket, 5 bearings supporting the rear axle vs the original 3 (2 of which were bad), clean chain and derailleur, carbon fiber wrapped rear swingarm for added strength and a significantly rewired electrical system.