June 26 Brookfield to Point Beach State Forest

I rode 100 miles. Didn’t think I would make it at times. But that was my plan – need to remember to do a few rides longer than 30 miles prior to a bike tour.

Day 1 planned route

Actual gpx track

The ride in was uneventful but quite windy -I think it was always a headwind. About 30 miles of trail on the interurban, the rest was fairly quiet country roads. I ran into rain about three hours before I reached the State Forest and then the winds diminished. The showers did not last long. I saw glimpses of Lake Michigan in the distance but not until I got to Manitowoc was I able to ride along a nice bike path on the lake until I reached Two Rivers. I saw the Badger ferry leave and the USS Cobia submarine. Yup I missed the ferry by that much. Next time, pedal, ferry, pedal, the other ferry.

As expected my legs started to cramp up after I stopped for a light snack in Sheboygan. It never developed into a ” full-blown I can’t move my legs anymore ” cramp. Which is good. I then slowed down my pedaling speed for the rest of the trip.

This is the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc and the start of a nice bike trail that goes north to Two Rivers. The bike trail is next to Lake Michigan – very nice.

If I had arrived 30 minutes earlier in Manitowoc, I could have arrived in lower Michigan 4 days sooner – but that’s the slow ship.

Point Beach State Forest was not crowded. It has good facilities, showers and water. And is also on Lake Michigan. My Sprint service was spotty at best. The only thing I forgot to pack is a belt for my other shorts.

Pitched the tent and attached the rain fly just as it started to rain again. I did camp at least once!!!

Hmmmmmm freeze dried spaghetti and meatballs looks the same going in as it does coming out. Just kidding it never came out.