June 27 Point Beach to Menomonee, MI

Another long ride, but I had to complete it because I reserved a free night at the Econo Lodge on the bay in Menominee Michigan. The route mainly took me through farmland and the outskirts of cities so not many interesting sights to see until I got around Green Bay then I was pedaling next to Lake Michigan and some lovely vacation homes.

Actual gpx track

I think I may have messed up both hips and knees because they are complaining all the time. I hope to be able to move my legs again without using my arms to place them on the ground. In consideration of the storm moving in on Wednesday I have decided to only ride in the morning from Menominee Michigan to Escanaba Michigan. It will be a shorter ride and give me some more time to recuperate.

The route give me some issues but it’s all my fault. I said it was okay to take the Devil’s River bike trail because someone posted it had been paved. It was not paved. The grass was two or more feet high. It tickled my legs through the foot holes. I stayed on the trail for maybe 2 miles until I could see an alternate road to take. I finally made it to Denmark Wisconsin. And wouldn’t you know it the road I wanted to take was all torn up so I had to plan another detour.

I finally made it to Green Bay and navigating around the city the Garmin told me to go to a residential condo development that said do not enter private property. After some investigation on the map I traveled through it anyway to get to the next road around Green Bay.

The constant starting and stopping the 90 pound velomobile with all my gear takes a toll on my legs. Not to mention the additional weight the velomobile needs to carry namely myself.

The only traffic problems I encountered was in Marinette, Wisconsin. It must be the Michigan drivers who don’t understand that 25 miles an hour is plenty fast through the city. It was nowhere near as bad as it was in Jacksonville, Florida 4 years ago.

Nice view out of my ‘free with points’ Econolodge room.