June 30 Gould City to Mackinaw City

Had a good night’s sleep despite the noise of the traffic on the highway. Today I should finish day 4 of my original route.

Actual gpx track

I checked the weather radar in the morning and it was clear. Someone should have told the weather that it wasn’t supposed to rain from 6 to 8. I put the cockpit cover on but it was too hot. I decided it would be better to get a little wet then to get hot and sweaty.

Rode the final 58 Mi on US 2. Met a couple at a Wayside that we’re also going to Mackinac Island. I asked if it was going to be sunny and they said nope cloudy. I arrived at the dock just in time to take the ferry to the island.

Several people wondered if I was allowed to ride my velomobile on the island. I explained it was a pedal bike. As I was getting ready to ride a police officer came over to talk to me. We had a nice conversation and we agreed that if there were no lights on it should be just fine. The concern was the bright red color of the velomobile. I decided to pull over and stop whenever I saw a horse. I only saw 2. Neither had an issue with my velomobile. I chose to go around the island clockwise 98% of the people decided to go around the island counter clockwise. I really appreciated that as I did not have to pass a lot of people then. At the end of the ride the sun came out for the first time in two and a half days.

I don’t recall ever seeing so many bicycles on the island. I guess that’s a good thing. They were bicycles up the wazoo. Just what is a wazoo and how many bicycles fit in it? This is one of several bike rental stands.

Here’s what main street looks like, I overheard some island workers complaining how the bike parking was intruding into the street.

After parking the bike in a holding area I walked back into town and had a chocolate waffle cone with fudge in it. I also found a coffee shop that prepared a hot steamed chocolate. The coffee shop was the only place that seem to have any pastry.

The Econo Lodge I am staying at has individual cabins. However I am in one unit of a single story sixplex attached to the office all with outside doors.

Lots of vacancy signs prior to a big 4th weekend. Traverse City is holding its annual cherry Festival this weekend. I wonder if it will be crowded tomorrow.